LANcube Software installation

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Software installations and dependencies

Arduino IDE

You must first install IDE application on a computer with at least one USB port. In order to compile properly the arduino code you should verify in the Tools menu if you use:

  1. the Card type Arduino/Genuino Mega of Mega 2560
  2. the Processor Atmega2560 (Mega 2560)
  3. the correct comm port
  4. The Programmer AVR ISP

Installing LANcube software

You can download the latest software here:

LANcubeW-2022-01-21.inoIntroduction of the saturation detection - CAUTION the code is not yet tested

Once downloaded, create a folder having the name LANcubeW-2022-01-21 and put the file into it. Then open that file with IDE arduino software.

Older versions:

You will also need to install the following arduino libraries:

  1. Adafruit_Sensor-master
  2. Adafruit_TCS34725-master (Take care of using the library version 1.0.1)
  3. DHT_sensor_library
  4. DS1302
  5. RTClib-master
  6. TinyGPS-master

In order to get the LANcube time synchronized with the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), it is important to set your computer time to GMT before uploading the software onto the arduino. If you want to reset that time, simply remove and put back the RTC battery and upload the software again. It may be necessary to wait about a minute before putting back the battery to let the chip reset himself.